Brand Story

Mellower Coffee, a Chinese specialty coffee leader oriented towards specialty coffee, is supported by a fully developed integrated coffee industrial chain.

Brand Positioning

Mellower, China's specialty coffee leader,
is quickly growing into the No. 1 coffee brand in China.

Mellower Image Opinion

Chinese art and coffee.
Mellower has been an advocate of specialty coffee with Chinese characteristics.
Coffee is not just a drink, but a symbol of cultures.
Mellower Coffee has been in pursuit of a graceful, luxurious lifestyle and the quest for an excellent bakery!

Mellower Brand Vision

Mellower, with links to the world's rarest coffee plantations, is working on its specialty coffee industry chain spanning the process from seeds to cups. It is a system without peer in China's coffee industry. The is Mellower's bid to provide consumers with a wide variety of high quality coffee products in a professional and devoted style. Currently, Mellower is the most knowledgeable Chinese coffee brand. Mellower Coffee is going global with the most stable industrial chain and strongest product innovation capabilities. A brand with infinite possibilities!