Mellower Coffee Classical

Specialty coffee,
Exquisite experience,
Considerable services,
Mellower pursues attitude and lifestyle,
to offer every customer a rich specialty coffee experience.

Mellower Coffee Expresso

Beyond the brand spirit of delivering a cup of good coffee, the "Expresso Experience" and a "good value for money" have become the key words of Mellower Expresso Stores. White-collars are now happy that a good cup of coffee is always within easy reach.

Different from a normal mug, EXPRESSO, stores use an 8oz cup that enables presentation of coffee and milk in the golden ratio. This ratio offers only the most optimal amount of caffeine, and a healthier drink.

Mellower Coffee Young

Mellower has also expanded its presence into colleges where it now offers students specialty coffee. Mellower has developed a younger user base and supports training programs for entrepreneurial students. Campus-based Mellower Coffee Youth stores are not just a place for people to relax.From the very beginning,the 3F concept,FIGHT (study room),FUN (social groups),and FUTURE (the social entrepreneurship platform) was formulated and implemented.In this way,a bridge was built for students to link their study,lifestyle,campus,and community together.

Mellower Coffee Overseas

The establishment of Mellower overseas boutique coffee chain stores was another bold attempt to spread the essence and dreams of Chinese specialty coffee. It was an effort to develop the overseas market while delivering to the people of China a good cup of tea.