The Mellower Coffee Academy was established with a vision to ensure the professionalism of front-line baristas, provide a platform for common progress, to exchange ideas and current industry news for a wider range of coffee professionals, and to cultivate and deliver to the industry some highly-competent coffee practitioners. The Academy is staffed with an excellent faculty of champion trainers, and it's equipped with a first-class teaching environment and facilities.


  • Li Tao

    Champion Barista

    2016 WLAC China finals runner-up

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  • Huang Yan

    Champion Barista

    2014 WLAC China finals champion

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  • Chen Zijing

    Champion Barista

    Coach of the Grand Champion in the World Latte Art Competition of Coffee Fest, 2012

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  • Ouyang Qi

    Champion Barista

    Champion of Chongqing, China, at 2016 WBC

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Service Scope

  • Guide on running a store
  • Bar management
  • Coffee technology training
  • Training on drinks
  • Equipment supply
  • Coffee bean supply
  • Operation support
  • Periodic promotional training of employees