Roasting Factory

Mellower ensure that a good cup of coffee is always served with safety and stability.

  • Floor area: 6,000 square meters

  • Production area: 2,000㎡

  • Capacity: 3,000 tons/year, 90 tons AA grade c

  • Baking production equipment: Germany PROBAT automatic baking production line

  • Packaging production equipment: Japanese FUSO drip bag, bagged coffee automatic charter package

  • Supporting facilities: Coffee Academy, SCA certification laboratory


The roasting factories of Mellower Coffee are equipped with German PROBAT roasting machines, Japanese FUSO packaging lines, and domestic leading fully automatic roasting production lines. Its professional quality control team, the only one in China, is composed of renowned roasting masters who serve at home and abroad. Beans produced are screened twice. The travel through crushed stone residue screening equipment and a spiral coffee bean conveyor, leaving only the most complete parts to be packed.