An excellent enterprise must have excellent culture. To enhance teamwork, we hold an annual event to engage and bond with our staff. This event builds their sense of pride in themselves and in Mellowers Coffee.
The role of corporate culture mainly lies in:
We guide employees to specific goals.
We guide employees with written and conventional rules to influence their thinking and behaviors.
The entire company is united with common values and common beliefs.
This creates a sense of belonging among our employees.
In this way, we at Mellower make a positive impact, not only on the company, but society as well. Enabling the company to expand its influence, establish a better image, and gain greater impetus.​


Regular coffee training enables each company partner to gain greater coffee knowledge and an affinity for the coffee industry influenced by corporate culture. The aim of our training is to bring the knowledge, skills, working methods, working attitude, and working values of employees to a higher level. This enables our employees to deliver better performance and strive for individual and the corporate growth.
1. Attracting talent: We attach great importance to training and attracting excellent talent. Through training our employees, not only meet brand development needs, but the talent of our employees grows too.
2. Training talent: Mellower is training its employees to exacting standards to better support company growth.
3. Retaining talent: Training is an important means to retain talent. Only through continuous training can employees work skills and personal comprehensive qualities be significantly improved. This allows each employee to make their due contributions to the rapid development of the company.

Annual Meeting

Set blueprint for corporate culture, and bring employees closer together.
The event is hosted to enhance mutual trust between the company and employees, inspire morale, reward excellent staff representatives, report annual corporate performance and achievements, and consolidate confidence. The annual meeting can help bond employees to the company, facilitate communications between clients, employees, and management. It can enhance a sense of teamwork among employees, create a positive working atmosphere within the company, and improve morale. All this will lead to increased performance and efficiency. Employees will be more motivated to contribute to the rapid growth of the company.


Our ROADSHOW team training is held 1 to 2 times per year. We don't bore our employees with a monotonous class. Rather, ROADSHOW involves “edutainment” to actively inform and educate employees of new and creative production methods. ROADSHOW training is warmly hailed by employees, and it further consolidates our corporate culture.